Basmati Rice Pot-in-Pot

Easy to make

Perfect pot-in-pot


Main Ingredients

Basmati Rice


Salt (optional)

Ghee (optional)

Step 1

Wash the rice and drain water. Put the rice in a bowl. Add 1 cup water for cooking rice in the bowl. Optionally, Add salt and ghee/oil if you prefer.

Add 1 cup water to the main insert of the pressure cooker. Place trivet in the main insert.

Step 2

Place the bowl with rice and water on the trivet.

Step 3

Close the lid of the pressure cooker with vent in sealing position. Set in pressure cook or manual mode for 6 minutes at high pressure. (Note: if using a glass bowl, cook for 9 minutes at high pressure)

Step 4

When the pressure cooker beeps, do a 10 minute Natural Pressure Release, which means release the pressure 10 minutes after the beep.

Step 5

Fluff the rice and it is ready to be enjoyed.

Step 5

 And it's ready!

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