Khaman Dhokla


Soft and Fluffy



Main Ingredients

Gram Flour


Ground Turmeric

Chili Pepper

Lime Juice



Step 1

Mix in all of the ingredients, except the Eno fruit salt – gram flour, semolina, turmeric, salt, sugar, green chili, ginger, lime juice, oil and water. Stir to combine well and let the batter sit for 15 minutes.

While the batter is resting, boil 2 cups water in the pressure cooker on sauté mode. Also, grease the steel pan in which you will make the khaman with oil. I used one container from the stackable steel containers for the instant pot.

Step 2

After 15 minutes, add Eno to the batter and stir it gently in one direction. The batter will become frothy and increase in volume. Do not over stir.

Step 3

Quickly transfer the batter to the greased steel container and place the container on a trivet. It is important to start cooking quickly after adding Eno to get soft and fluffy Khaman.

Step 4

Then place the trivet along with the pan in the instant pot. Set to Steam mode for 15 mins in venting mode. The instant pot timer does not work in venting mode, hence you will need to set an external timer.

Step 5

After the cooking time is done, let the khaman sit for 5 minutes. Then open the lid of the instant pot and take out the khaman using tongs.

Step 6

 Run a knife around the edges of the khaman. Place a plate on top of the container and turn it upside down. This will help to get the khaman out of the container easily.

Step 7

Cut the khaman into small pieces. Spread the tempering over it.

Step 8

Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve with green mint chutney.

Step 8

 And it's ready!

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