How to do Pot-In-Pot Cooking with Instant Pot?

Rice cooked has a better texture

Works well for steaming 

Cooking multiple dishes at once

Can be used to bake desserts

Step: 1

To begin, you must fill the inner pot/ liner with 1 cup of water. Then place the long-legged trivet or a steam rack in the water.

The food that needs to be cooked is taken in an oven-proof container or a stainless steel bowl. Add liquid/ broth to this small bowl only if it is required in the recipe. You can cover this pot with a lid or a foil but it isn't necessary, and depends on the recipe. Now place this container on top of the trivet.

Step: 2

Secure the lid of the instant pot. Press the pressure cook button, then set the time to the amount specified in the recipe. Depending on the recipe, perform a quick or a natural release when your instant pot beeps. 

Step: 3

When cooking rice with an entree, consider the cooking time for the entree. If it is around 5-12 minutes to cook the entree, then pot-in-pot white rice will work. If the entree needs 25-35 minutes to cook, then cook brown rice with the entree.  

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