About Me and Piping Pot Curry

Hi…I’m Meeta.  I am a foodie and love to share what I cook with friends and family.  So why not the world!   This is what inspired me to start my blog and share recipes, ingredients and more.  I strongly believe that each one of us has a chef inside us, we just need some inspiration to explore the ingredients and create great food. If you are like me and love cooking, start a food blog.

I grew up in Mumbai, the place where food defines culture and is a melting pot for people from all over India.  I work full time as a Product Specialist, and enjoy sharing my love for food in my free time (which is very little).  I have a wonderful and supportive husband and a very cute 4 year old daughter.   My mom has always been an inspiration for my food.  She is a wonderful cook and has taken the effort to pass down her love for cooking to me and my siblings.

I will mostly be sharing simple and easy Indian food, made using instant pot and other appliances in the modern kitchen.  I can easily count 10 or more appliances in my kitchen.  This is very different than my mom’s kitchen where a lot of things were done by hand.  Working full-time and wanting to do many other things, has made me value convenience in the kitchen much more, and hence the loads of appliances which make my life easier…and also add to the variety of food I can prepare (quickly).

I primarily cook Indian food, but I also love to cook global cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Chinese and more.  In this blog, I will initially focus on recipes using Instant Pot (which is the inspiration for the name piping pot curry) and Air Fryer.

All the recipes you see on this blog are cooked, styled and photographed by me, tried and tested by my family and friends.  I appreciate any feedback and comments for my recipes, and will always try to respond to your comments promptly.  Please use all recipes on this site as a guideline. I am sure your taste and preference will be very different than mine, so feel free to adjust the ingredients and recipes to your taste. Try all recipes at your own risk, Piping Pot Curry is not liable for any recipes you try. If a recipe has worked for me, I can not guarantee that it will work exactly the same way for you.

I welcome guest posts on my blog. If you would like to share a recipe, send a message at pipingpotcurry [at] gmail [dot] com.  I promise to try it out and post the results on the blog.

Enjoy the world of awesome food!   Thank you for visiting this blog.  You can follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter to get updates on latest posts on this blog. If you are into videos, I share 1-minute videos of recipes on Youtube as well!





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