Looking for delicious Indian Chicken Recipes? Check out these 25+ amazing chicken dishes. You can find recipes for every meal that you’ll love.

25 Best Indian Chicken Recipes including curries, rice, and appetizers.

Chicken is the most popular meat consumed in India, as many people do not eat beef or pork (including me). Hence, the most popular Indian curries at restaurants are made with chicken.

These tried and tested Air Fryer & Instant Pot Chicken recipes will be your new go-to. From the authentic homestyle Mom’s Chicken Curry to the popular Chicken Korma and Tandoori Chicken to fusion Chicken Tikka Masala Pasta, there is sure to be a recipe here for a comforting dinner tonight!

Check out the variety of chicken curries, appetizers, and biryani recipes below. All of these recipes are quick and easy to make. Most are healthy, low-carb, or keto-friendly recipes!

Chicken Tikka Kebab

Chicken Tikka Kebab garnished with onions and green chutney on side

Chicken Tikka Kebab is a delicious appetizer that is packed with flavor. It starts with chicken pieces marinated in yogurt, lime juice, and aromatic spices, then threaded onto skewers and cooked to create a delicious appetizer. Make it in the air fryer or oven to serve at the gathering, or include it in your meal prep for the week! 

Get the Chicken Tikka Kebab recipe.

Chicken 65

Colorful and flavorful Chicken 65 with vibrant spices.

This restaurant-style crispy and spicy Chicken 65 is made by marinating chicken in yogurt, spices, and curry leaves, then deep-frying it to make the best chicken starter!

Get the Chicken 65 recipe.

Chicken Pakora

Chicken pakora with lime wedges

Marinated chicken pieces are coated in gram flour and then fried (or air-fried) to make golden and crispy pakoras. Learn how to make chicken pakoras with this easy recipe for the perfect crispy results. 

Get the Chicken Pakora recipe.

Kadai Chicken

Kadai Chicken with cilantro

Kadai Chicken is a restaurant favorite Indian chicken curry, cooked in the traditional kadai with tender chicken and a rich blend of aromatic spices, along with crunchy onions and capsicum. It is easy to make this dhaba-style kadai chicken with this authentic recipe. 

Get the Kadai Chicken recipe.

Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken tikka masala in a plate over rice

Flavorful and aromatic Chicken Tikka Masala is made with marinated tender chicken cooked in a creamy sauce. This restaurant-quality chicken curry is so easy to make in the instant pot. Make it along with rice pot-in-pot for a complete meal.

Get the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe.

Chicken Vindaloo

chicken vindaloo curry in a bowl with naan on the side

Authentic Goan Chicken Vindaloo made in the Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot. Enjoy this dairy-free and gluten-free Chicken Vindaloo with rice or naan for a satisfying dinner!

Get the Chicken Vindaloo recipe.

Instant Pot Chicken Biryani

chicken biryani served on a plate garnished with cilantro, onions and lime

This Instant Pot Chicken Biryani has fragrant rice cooked with tender, juicy chicken, warming spices, and caramelized onions. This Indian chicken and rice dish is popular all over the world. This one-pot version in a pressure cooker is easy to make even on busy weeknights in less than an hour.

Get the Instant Pot Chicken Biryani recipe.

Achari Chicken

Achari chicken curry in a bowl garnished with julienned ginger and cilantro

An authentic Indian chicken curry that can be made as a one-pot dish in just 45 minutes. The pickling “achari” spices, such as nigella seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek, and mustard seeds, add a punch of spicy and tangy flavors to this achari curry.

Get the Chicken Achari recipe.

Malai Chicken

Malai chicken curry in white gravy in a pan

Malai Chicken Curry, or Murgh Malai, is a creamy and flavorful dish combining tender chicken pieces in a rich, luxurious white gravy. This delectable chicken curry in white gravy is a favorite for its creamy texture and exquisite taste.

Get the Chicken Malai recipe.

Instant Pot Chicken Potato Curry

Chicken Curry with potatoes served with rice

It takes less than 40 minutes to prepare this delectable Chicken Potato Curry in the Instant Pot. It’s full of authentic flavors from whole spices and tender chicken and potato pieces. This low-carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free curry makes it a healthy weeknight meal to serve over rice or with naan!

Get the Chicken Potato Curry recipe.

Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi in a plate

Chicken Karahi is a flavorful and aromatic Pakistani chicken curry dish made with chicken, earthy spices, and fresh ginger. This restaurant-style chicken curry is so good that you’ll want to dig in and relish every last bite!

Get the Chicken Karahi recipe.

Tandoori Chicken Wings

Tandoori chicken wings with dip on the side

These smoky-flavored Tandoori chicken wings, marinated in Indian spices and yogurt and grilled to perfection, will blow your mind away! The wings are succulent and juicy on the interior and crispy on the outside.

Get the Tandoori Chicken Wings recipe

Instant Pot Coconut Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry with coconut milk in a white bowl

Easy & healthy Indian Coconut Chicken Curry made in an Instant Pot in just 20 minutes!

Get the Coconut Chicken Curry recipe.

Chilli Chicken

Fried spicy chicken closeup in chopsticks

Make restaurant-style Chilli Chicken at home with this easy recipe. Crispy and flavorful is how I would describe this Chilli Chicken. Boneless chicken is marinated in flavorful sauces and fried until crispy; this is stir-fried with lots of ginger, garlic, onions, bell peppers, and sauces.

Get the Chilli Chicken recipe.

Instant Pot Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma in a while bowl

Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked with lots of onions and finished with cashew paste for a creamy, rich texture. This restaurant-style chicken curry is quick and easy to make in the Instant Pot.

Get the Chicken Korma recipe.

Instant Pot Butter Chicken

Pressure Cooker Instant Pot Butter Chicken

A creamy and delicious Butter chicken or Murgh Makhani made in the Instant Pot. Chicken cooked in a mildly spiced tomato gravy with aromatic ginger, garlic, and spices. 

Get the Butter Chicken recipe.

Chicken Kali Mirch

Chicken Kali Mirch in a white bowl

Chicken Kali Mirch, also called Murgh Kali Mirch, is a fragrant and aromatic curry from North India and Pakistan. It is made in a yogurt gravy with freshly ground black pepper. Serve with basmati rice or naan for a satisfying meal!

Get the Chicken Kali Mirch recipe.

Air Fryer Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken Air Fryer

A flavor-packed spicy dish from the Indian subcontinent popular all over the world. Chicken is marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, spices, and lime juice, then grilled in the air fryer or oven. Low carb and keto friendly. 

Get the Tandoori Chicken recipe.

Mom’s Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Final

Mom’s authentic Chicken Curry is made in a simple onion-tomato gravy with the aroma of whole spices.

Get the Instant Pot Chicken Curry recipe.

Methi Chicken (Fenugreek Chicken Curry)

Methi Chicken with green chilies on the top

Methi Chicken, also called Murgh Methi, is a flavorful, healthy chicken curry with the unique flavor of fresh fenugreek leaves. This simple chicken curry is easy to make and a comforting weeknight dinner everyone will love!

Get the Methi Chicken recipe.

Chicken Pulao

Chicken Pulao garnished with cilantro

A delicious one-pot meal made with fragrant Basmati rice, tender chicken pieces, and aromatic spices. It’s a flavorful, satisfying weeknight meal that can be made in just 30 minutes.

Get the Chicken Pulao recipe.

Instant Pot Keema Matar

Keema Matar Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Keema Matar (Ground Chicken Curry) cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and wonderful whole spices. A quick and delicious dinner for weeknights. 

Get the Keema Matar recipe.

Chettinad Chicken

Chicken Chettinad Instant Pot Pressure Cooker 3

Chicken pieces cooked in freshly ground spices to make a flavorful and aromatic Chettinad curry.  

Get the Chicken Chettinad recipe.

Chicken Saag

Chicken Saag in a bowl topped with cream.

This one-pot Chicken curry with spinach is a delicious north Indian dish.  Chicken simmered in a creamy spinach sauce is a nutritious dish for all.

Get the Chicken Saag recipe.

Chicken Tikka Masala Pasta

Chicken Spaghetti pasta in a plate garnished with cilantro

Flavorful and aromatic Chicken Tikka Masala Pasta made with marinated tender chicken cooked in a creamy sauce. This delicious fusion pasta is easy to make in the instant pot or stovetop!

Get the Chicken Tikka Masala Pasta recipe.

I hope you add these Chicken Recipes to your menu.  Let us know which one you’re most excited to make, and share this roundup with your friends. When you make it, don’t forget to tag #pipingpotcurry.

25 Best Indian Chicken Recipes including curries, rice, and appetizers.

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