Looking for a nutrient-rich ingredient that can be used in many different ways? Kala chana, also called black chickpeas or black garbanzo beans, is what you need. This legume is a common ingredient in Indian food and can be cooked in many ways to make tasty and healthy dishes.

It is considered a pantry staple in Indian cooking and can be used in various cuisines. They are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are a good source of plant-based protein. In addition, Kala chana is high in nutrients necessary for optimum health, such as iron, potassium, and folate.

So, prepare to spice up your cooking and learn to enjoy kala chana in a variety of ways. Here are 10 amazingly delicious recipes for you to try today!

Sookha Kala Chana

Kala Chana (Black Chickpeas) served in a white bowl
Photo Credit: Piping Pot Curry
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Instant Pot Black Chickpeas or Sookha Kala Chana – This is an easy Indian dish made during the festival of Navratri.  It is vegan, gluten-free, and high in protein. Enjoy it traditionally with Halwa and puri, or make a salad with chopped veggies.

Get the Sookha Kala Chana recipe.

Kala Chana Curry

Kala Chana / black chickpea curry in a white bowl
Photo Credit: Piping Pot Curry

Kala Chana is a mildly spiced black chickpeas curry made in the instant pot or a stovetop pressure cooker. This is a simple everyday Punjabi curry made in an onion-tomato gravy with ginger and garlic. Instant Pot Kala Chana is so easy to prepare and yet so delicious.

Get the Punjabi Kala Chana Curry recipe.

Kala Chana Chaat

Kala Chana Chaat in a bowl with tomato, onions and lime on the side
Photo Credit: Piping Pot Curry

Kala Chana Chaat is a nutrition-packed Black Chickpea Salad made with black chickpeas, crunchy onions, tomatoes, avocado, and spices. This refreshing salad has fresh and tangy flavors and can be a protein-rich breakfast or snack. Vegan & gluten-free.

Get the Kala Chana Chaat recipe.

Kala Chana Sundal

kondakadalai sundal in a white bowl
Photo Credit: Spice Up the Curry

This kala chana sundal is a South Indian snack that is easy to make and healthy. It is also made for festivals and given as prasad to god. In Tamil, chickpeas, or chana, are called konda kadalai. 

Get the Kala Chana Sundal recipe.

Kala Chana Kabab

Kala chana kebab in black plate
Photo Credit: Ruchis Kitchen

If you want to make an easy appetizer for your vegetarian guests, you can’t do better than these Kala Chana kebabs, which are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

Get the Kala Chana Kebab recipe.

Kerala Kadala Curry

Kadala Curry in a pot
Photo Credit: Whisk Affair

Kadala Curry (Kerala-Style Black Chickpeas Kari) is a staple in every Malayalee home in Southern India. It’s a favorite meal served with puttu, appam, and dosa, and it’s often eaten for lunch or dinner with idiyappam, paratha, and red rice.

Get the Kerala Kadala Curry recipe.

Kala Chana Pulao

Chana pulao garnished with cilantro
Photo Credit: Playful Cooking

A simple and hearty dish made with black chickpeas and long-grain basmati rice. Kala Chana Pulao is a famous rice dish in India. Cooked with various aromatic spices and served with a cooling yogurt raita.

Get the Kala Chana Pulao recipe.

Kala Chana Kadhi

Kale Channe Ki Kadhi in a bowl
Photo Credit: Simmer to Slimmer

Kaale Channe Ki Kadhi, or Black chickpeas in a yogurt sauce, is a Rajasthani dish that comprises black chickpeas cooked in spicy yogurt and gram flour gravy. This dish serves as a perfect accompaniment for both rice and roti.

Get the Kala Chana Kadhi recipe.

Jaisalmeri Chana

Jaisalmeri chane in a bowl
Photo Credit: Cooking Carnival

Jaisalmeri Chane is a yogurt-based black chickpea dish. This is a classic Rajasthani meal from Jaisalmer. It is also known as Kala Chana Kadhi. This simple Indian Instant Pot Chana recipe is a tasty and simple vegetarian side dish. The addition of fragrant spices enhances the flavors of this gravy significantly.

Get the Jaisalmeri Chana recipe.


Bihari Ghugni in a white bowl
Photo Credit: Vidhyas Home Cooking

Bihari Special Ghugni is a black chickpea stew. An easy and protein-rich stew that’s ideal for midweek dinners.

Get the Ghugni recipe.

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