Easy, fresh & tasty Steamed Broccoli made in the Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker). Enjoy this low carb healthy vegetable made in less than 15 minutes. Try this foolproof method to get the perfect texture for broccoli every time. 

perfectly steamed broccoli made in the instant pot served in a bowl with lemon wedges
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I call this amazing as my daughter who did not eat sauteed broccoli, started eating it after I steamed it in the Instant Pot. This is a great side to eat with some rice or protein.

I try to add veggies to our diet where ever possible.  This steamed broccoli is a great and quick way to cook up broccoli. Steaming is also the recommended cooking method for broccoli as it helps with better retention of nutrients and does not overcook the broccoli.  You want to steam broccoli such that it does not lose it’s color or flavor, and does not get too soft and mushy!

Steamed instant pot broccoli in a bowl with lemon wedges

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Watch How to Make Amazing Steamed Broccoli

Why Broccoli and Why Steamed Broccoli?

Firstly, it is tasty.  I love broccoli as a side along with my meal.  Other than that, broccoli has great nutritional benefits.

Broccoli, part of the Brassica family, is considered a cruciferous vegetable. Broccoli is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pro-detoxification capabilities, which have disease fighting capabilities.  

Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Broccoli is also low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

A head of broccoli along with some chopped florets

A 1/2-cup portion of steamed broccoli contains 31 calories, 6 g of carbohydrates, 3 g of protein and no fat.  

Because it has such little fat, carbohydrates and calories, broccoli is often considered a free food, which means you can consume an unlimited amount of it and not feel guilty. Isn’t that great?

Broccoli is most nutritious when eaten raw, however I am not a big fan of eating raw broccoli.  

If you cook it, the cooking method will determine how much of the broccoli’s nutrient content is maintained.  The next best is quick-steaming broccoli, so that is what we are going to do here.

Why steam broccoli in instant pot?

  • It cooks in just 10 minutes
  • Steaming broccoli in the instant pot is hands off and does not require any active monitoring
  • It is perfectly – tender crisp and retains it’s bright green color

How to cook Steamed Broccoli in Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker?

Steaming broccoli is one of the easiest things you can make in your instant pot.

Step 1: Prep the broccoli

Wash the broccoli under running water. Then using a chefs knife, cut the broccoli head into medium size florets (about 1.5 inches). Try to cut the florets into equal size, so they cook properly in about the same time.

Broccoli florets on a cutting board

Step 2: Pressure Cook in a steamer basket

Add a cup of water to the instant pot insert. This is required to steam any vegetables in the instant pot, and helps the instant pot to come to pressure.

Add water to instant pot steel insert

The best way to steam broccoli in the Pressure Cooker is by using a Steamer Basket. The advantage of using a steamer basket is that the broccoli does not immerse in water, and cooks evenly.

Place the steamer basket in the instant pot steel insert.

Place steamer basket in instant pot to steam vegetables

Transfer the broccoli florets to the basket.

Broccoli in a steamer basket to be cooked in instant pot

Pressure cook for 0 minutes.  Yes, 0 minutes is a thing with the instant pot 🙂  The broccoli is cooking in the time the pressure cooker takes to come to pressure and then we will release the pressure manually (Quick Release), so it does not get overcooked.  

instant pot Steamed Broccoli

Basically the time to cook broccoli is the time it takes to come to pressure, which is less than 10 minutes.

closeup of steamed broccoli in front of the instant pot

Step 3: Season and Serve

Broccoli cooked with this method in the instant pot is perfectly steamed, is tender crisp and retains its bright green color.

Season the broccoli, and serve as a side with rice or protein.  

We love to serve this steamed broccoli with instant pot penne in tomato cream sauce. I also send this as a side in my daughter’s lunch box and she loves it.

Seasoning Ideas:

  • Just the basic: Drizzle some olive oil, and sprinkle salt and pepper
  • Add some cheese: My daughters love to grate parmesan on veggies. Or add some feta or goat cheese to the broccoli.
  • Add a sprinkle of lemon juice on the broccoli, along with the parmesan.
  • Drizzle my lemon tahini sauce on top.
  • Add this broccoli to your salad.
steamed broccoli in a bowl served with lemon wedges and tahini dip


Broccoli: You can also cook an entire head of broccoli or frozen broccoli the same way in the instant pot.

Remember to Quick Release: It is important to quick release the pressure and take the broccoli out of the instant pot, so it does not overcook. 

Double the quantity: Even if you double or triple the quantity of broccoli, the cooking time will remain the same. 

No “0” minute option: If your electric pressure cooker does not have a zero minute option, steam for 1 minute on low pressure.

Frozen Broccoli in Instant Pot

Yes, you can steam frozen broccoli in your instant pot. Steam for the same cooking time of “0” minutes as in the recipe.

I would love to hear how you like this steamed broccoli. And if you love broccoli, don’t forget to try my Air Fryer Roasted Broccoli, or this Cream of Broccoli Soup and Broccoli Cheddar Soup made in the Instant Pot.

Steamed Broccoli Instant Pot Pressure Cooker
Instant Pot Broccoli (the original recipe pic from 2017)

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Amazing Steamed Broccoli – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Easy, fresh & tasty Steamed Broccoli made in the Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker). Enjoy this low carb healthy vegetable steamed in less than 15 minutes. Try this foolproof method to get the perfect texture for broccoli every time. 
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 9 minutes
Servings: 2


  • 1 Broccoli, head
  • 1 cup Water
  • Salt, to taste (optional)
  • Black Pepper, to taste (optional)


  • Wash the broccoli and cut it into equal large size florets.
  • Add water to the instant pot insert. Place the steamer basket in the instant pot insert. Spread the broccoli florets on the steamer basket.
  • Start the instant pot and set it on manual or pressure cook mode for 0 minutes on high pressure with vent in sealing position. (Update: Many readers enjoy crunchier broccoli, for which 0 minutes at low pressure works great)
  • When the instant pot beeps, quick release the pressure manually. Remove the steamer basket carefully as it is hot.
  • You can place this basket under cold water for a minute to stop the cooking (optional) or just eat the broccoli right away.
  • Season with salt, pepper and enjoy.



Broccoli: You can also cook an entire head of broccoli or frozen broccoli the same way in the instant pot.
Quick Release: It is important to quick release the pressure and take the broccoli out of the instant pot, so it does not overcook. 
Double the quantity: Even if you double or triple the quantity of broccoli, the cooking time will remain the same. 


Calories: 103kcalCarbohydrates: 20gProtein: 8gFat: 1gSodium: 106mgPotassium: 960mgFiber: 7gSugar: 5gVitamin A: 1895IUVitamin C: 271.2mgCalcium: 143mgIron: 2.2mg

Additional Info

Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Diet: Gluten-free, Low Carb, Paleo, Vegan
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I strongly believe that each one of us has a chef inside us, we just need to explore the ingredients and create great food. My passion is to share easy, healthy, and wholesome recipes made using Instant Pot & Air Fryer, that are well tested, so you can cook with confidence.

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  1. Thanks for the easy instructions! I did 1 minute because I like my broccoli softer. I could probably even do 2 minutes but everyone has different preferences!

  2. Thanks for the recipe, worked great with 0 min on high pressure and instant quick release! Added some cauliflower with the broccoli & they were perfect too. Will definitely do this again, so easy!

    1. Hi Geneviève – Glad to hear the broccoli and cauliflower steamed perfectly. Thanks for sharing back!

  3. I love cooking broccoli in an instant pot. I love the convenience. My problem is I end up multitasking and don’t hear the beep when the minute is done. Today I left it in for 7 minutes. It is overcooked but I will of course still eat it. The last time I left it in for 12 minutes. Of course it was almost a pile of mush but I still ate it. I guess I am getting better. Maybe next time I will only leave it in for 4 minutes, and improve over time. Maybe I should just do a stove top steaming. 😄

    1. Hi Dina – It is great that you are not wasting, and enjoying the broccoli in every way. I have been there, and have overcooked foods many times. I just have to make sure to get up as soon as I hear the beep :-). Best of luck for next time!

  4. I had a bag of fresh broccoli crowns on the brink, needed to use them, just trimmed, broke them apart, rinsed them in the steamer basket, set it in, poured in the water, sealed, and it wouldn’t let me do zero minutes! So I did one minute. Ridiculously easy and fast, and the broccoli was perfect. I ate half with hollandaise, will have the rest tomorrow cold, can’t wait.

  5. Just get to the directions! You all feel the need to add you thoughts and such! Jeez, I just want to know how to do it!!! A cup of water, cook zero mins, manual steam release……… was that so hard! Would have to pan through 10 pages of blah blah blah!

    1. I enjoy reading the comments first, and the “jump to recipe” is obvious. Some people will always complain no matter what! Thank you for sharing your recipes!

    2. Filling pages with fluff is a popular (perhaps necessary?) technique to score higher on Google (the longer a person spends on a page the more interesting it must be…right?!). You get tons of useful info for free on the internet – These techniques help the people giving us the content. It’s all fine, no need to get mad.

      And cookbooks are readily available for you to purchase if you want to get recipes without the sales pitch.

      1. Google doesn’t know how long someone stays on a page. That metric is only relevant for audio and video platforms.

  6. It’s so easy and super yummy. Thanks for the great framework that I could modify a little and that increased my comfort level with steaming in the instant pot.

    I sauteed mine for a minute or two in 1/2 T evoo. I only used 1/3 cup of water and left the broccoli in the bottom of the pot. Also, I use all the stems, they are good and good for you!

    This is the magic of instant pot… no trouble to get healthy veggies on the table regularly.