If you’re a fan of eggs, you don’t want to miss these delectable Indian egg recipes. Eggs are a versatile ingredient used in many Indian dishes, from hearty breakfasts to spicy curries and flavorful snacks. Here you will find 18 delicious and nutritious egg recipes perfect for any time of day!

I have included egg recipes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this collection. You can find scrambled egg dishes and also curries made with boiled eggs.

Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji in a pan with green chili as garnish
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Egg bhurji is the Indian twist to scrambled eggs. Packed with the right amount of flavor and spice, these delicious Indian scrambled eggs are perfect for any meal of the day! 

Enjoy for breakfast with bread or pav, or for lunch or dinner with roti or as a wrap.

Get the Egg Bhurji recipe.

Indian Shakshuka

aerial shot of shakshuka on a stainless steel pan
Photo credit: Fun Food Frolic

Indian Style Shakshuka is a delicious twist to the traditional shakshuka recipe. Little pockets of eggs served in a spicy Indian-style sauce. These are perfect for enjoying weekend breakfast. 

Get the Indian Shakshuka recipe.

Indian Omelet

Indian omelette served with toasted bread in a white plate. There is a green and white checked napkin below the plate. Next to the plate is a bowl full of brown eggs.
Photo Credit: Simmer to Slimmer

Indian Veggie Omelet is a perfect way to start your day. Made with beaten eggs, chopped vegetables, and a variety of aromatic herbs and spices, this omelet is easy to make in just 20 minutes!

Get the Indian Omelet recipe.

Kolkatta Egg Roll

Kolkata Egg Roll in a black pan
Photo Credit: Sinfully Spicy

Popular Calcutta-style egg rolls are a favorite all over India. They are made with flakey crisped parathas topped with beaten egg and stuffed with fresh salad and sauce. These make for an amazing on-the-go breakfast or lunch.

Get the Kolkatta Egg Roll recipe.

Masala Egg French Toast

egg french toast in a white serving plate
Photo Credit: My Food Story

Indian Masala Egg French Toast is for when you’re craving something spicy for breakfast! Use your favorite bread and coat it with whisked egg and cook to give the crispiest toast. Enjoy with your morning cup of coffee or tea!

Get the Masala French Toast recipe.

Egg Puffs

egg puff stack in a chopping board
Photo Credit: Playful Cooking

Egg Puffs are made with hardboiled eggs and caramelized onions wrapped in a flaky puff pastry. It is a quick snack that is so good with tea, especially on a rainy day. You can call these egg turnover or egg puff pockets too.

Get the Egg Puffs recipe.

Indian Potatoes and Egg Skillet

Spiced Indian Potatoes and eggs are cooked in a skillet for a hearty and easy holiday morning breakfast recipe. Perfect for a crowd, kid friendly and gluten free.
Photo Credit: My Food Story

This 15-minute Spiced Indian Potatoes and Egg Skillet is a restaurant-style breakfast you can enjoy at home. It is easy to make and very satisfying!

Get the Indian Potatoes and Egg Skillet recipe.

Egg Paratha

3 egg parathas stacked on top of each other
Photo Credit: Simmer to Slimmer

Put your leftover roti or tortillas to good use and make delicious and filling egg parathas in less than 10 minutes.

Get the Egg Paratha recipe.

Egg Curry

Instant Pot Egg Curry

Egg curry is a popular Indian dish with boiled eggs cooked in a flavorful tomato-based gravy.

This protein-rich Indian dish is easy to make and loved by both kids and adults. Serve with roti, naan, or rice for a comforting meal/

Get the Egg Curry recipe.

Egg Biryani

best ever egg biryani ready to serve

Egg Biryani is a flavorful and colorful rice dish loaded with fragrant spices and tender, boiled eggs. It’s perfect for a weeknight meal or weekend potluck and easy to make at home. 

Get the Egg Biryani recipe.

Omlette Curry

Egg Omelette Curry Bengali Style
Photo Credit: Playful Cooking

This Bengali Omelet Curry is a variation of the traditional egg curry. Fluffy pieces of omelet and potatoes in a mildly spiced tomato gravy. It is perfect to serve with steamed white rice.

Get the Omlette Curry recipe.

Egg Tadka

Close up of hasselback egg tadka with a spoon and sliced onions on the side
Photo Credit: My Food Story

If you are bored of plain boiled eggs, try this variation with a tempering of curry leaves and spices.

This egg tadka is probably the easiest Indian appetizer you’ll ever make. Made with simple ingredients in just 20 minutes, this dish will be a crowd-pleaser.

Get the Egg Tadka recipe.

Egg Tadka Dal / Dimer Torka

Bengali Cuisine - Dimer Torka
Photo Credit: Playful Cooking

Egg Tadka Dal, also referred to as Dimer Torka, is a famous Kolkata Street Food. It is a creamy medley of green mung bean, split chickpeas (chana dal), and eggs. Add a dollop of butter and enjoy it with your choice of paratha, roti, or Naan.

Get the Egg Tadka Dal recipe.

Kerala Egg Curry

Kerala Egg Curry in a black bowl
Photo Credit: Cubes N Juliennes

Egg Curry Kerala style or Nadan Mutta Curry is a classic specialty of Kerala Cuisine in Southern India, with subtle flavors of spices cooked in coconut oil and coconut milk.  This spicy Kerala egg curry recipe pairs perfectly with steamed rice, parotta, or appams.

Get the Kerala Egg Curry recipe.

Dimer Kalia / Sweet Savory Bengali Egg Curry

engali style sweet savory egg curry in a black bowl
Photo Credit: Playful Cooking

This gorgeous Dimer Kalia (Sweet and Savory Bengali Egg Curry) takes less than 30 minutes to make. It pairs beautifully with either rice or Indian flatbread.

Get the Bengali Egg Curry recipe.

Egg Pulao

Egg Pulao served in a white plate with bondi raita and sliced onions.
Photo Credit: Sinfully Spicy

Egg pulao is an easy rice dish made with boiled eggs, basmati rice, aromatic spices, and onion tomato masala base. It’s a simple & tasty one-pot meal that you can make in 30-40 minutes on busy weeknights. 

Get the Egg Pulao recipe.

Tawa Egg and Pepper Fry

Tawa Egg & Pepper Fry With Crusty Bread and Orange Juice
Photo Credit: Sinfully Spicy

Tawa Egg Pepper Fry is a quick Indian egg recipe you can make for breakfast or brunch. All you need is a few hard-boiled eggs, bell peppers, tomato sauce, and spices to make these yummy Indian-style tawa (skillet) eggs. It gets ready in 20-25 minutes and is good with some crusty bread or parathas.

Get the Egg Pepper Fry recipe.

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice in a wok straight from the stove
Photo Credit: My Food Story

Indo-Chinese egg fried rice is a delicious fusion dish that combines the flavors of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Made with stir-fried rice, scrambled eggs, and a medley of vegetables, this dish is seasoned with a blend of soy sauce, vinegar, and spices.

It is a simple yet satisfying dish that can be enjoyed on its own or as a side dish to your favorite Indo-Chinese entree.

Get the Egg Fried Rice recipe.

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