As we say goodbye to 2023, I’m happy to share the 10 most popular recipes from Piping Pot Curry this past year. We have many recipes on the site, but these 10 were the ones you liked, cooked, and talked about the most!

Top 10 recipes 2023
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I want to say a big thank you as we finish up 2023 and wish you all a happy new year. I hope you enjoyed making and eating yummy meals with your family and friends. Today, I’m revealing the top 10 Piping Pot Curry recipes 2023 based on what you all liked, shared, and tried at home.

Before I share these recipes, know that I test them well to ensure they work for you. Your support and love have made 2023 a great year, and I appreciate each of you. Whether you liked, commented, saved, shared, or, most importantly, tried my recipes, it makes all the hard work worth it. Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!

10. Palak Tofu

Vegan Palak Tofu with rice

Palak tofu, also known as Saag Tofu, is a vegan version of the popular classic Indian dish, palak paneer. This flavorful vegan and gluten-free curry combines fresh spinach (palak) with tofu and a blend of aromatic spices. 

9. Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Homemade Roasted Pumpkin soup in a bowl with spoons on the side

This creamy, vegan, and gluten-free roasted pumpkin soup is the finest way to enjoy the pumpkins during the fall and the holiday season.

8. Mushroom Matar

instant pot mushroom matar masala garnished with cilantro

Easy and delicious Mushroom Matar Masala made in the Instant Pot. Made with earthy mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices, this Mushroom Masala Curry is perfect for a delicious warm weeknight dinner!

7. Bharwa Karela

Bharwa Karela in a white plate

A delicious stuffed bitter gourd recipe popular in North India. Bitter melon is stuffed with caramelized sweet onions and aromatic spices to make this fantastic vegan and gluten-free side dish.

6. Aloo Paratha

Spiced Indian Potato Paratha topped with butter

Aloo Paratha is a special North Indian layered flatbread stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes. The parathas are roasted on the hot griddle until crisp and brown on the outside. Serve them with pickle and yogurt for an authentic Punjabi breakfast. Here is my mom’s recipe to make the best aloo parathas. If you like this recipe, I am sure you’ll love Paneer Paratha as well.

5. Besan Chilla

besan ka chilla served with chutney and chai

Besan Chilla is a family favorite, known for its characteristic earthy flavor, which is provided by besan/ gram flour and simple Indian spices and herbs, including chilies and onions. These savory gram-flour pancakes are nutritious and vegan! Perfect to enjoy with your favorite pickle or chutney! Along with this recipe, you’ll also like Moong Dal Chilla

4. Badam Halwa with Almond Flour

Badam halwa topped with pistachios in a bowl

Badam Halwa is a classic rich and luscious Indian dessert made with just 4 main ingredients – almonds, milk, sugar, ghee, and laced with cardamom and saffron. This Badam Halwa is put together quickly using almond flour in less than 25 minutes!

Try this Badam Katli (with almond flour) as well.

3. Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta garnished with cilantro

Baingan Bharta, a popular smoky and zesty dish from North India, is made with roasted mashed eggplant and sauteed in onion, garlic, tomatoes, and Indian spices. Vegan & Gluten-free.

2. Punjabi Kadhi 

Punjabi Kadhi recipe garnished with cilantro

The perfect, quintessential comfort food from North India is Punjabi kadhi pakora. This is an authentic and traditional recipe in which crispy pakoras (onion-gram flour fritters) are dipped in a tangy and thick yogurt sauce (kadhi).

1. Air Fryer Pakora

Air fryer onion pakora in white plate

The crispy and golden Air Fryer Pakoras are cooked to perfection! These Air fried onion bhajis are made with sliced onions, gram flour (besan), and spices. These crunchy, flavorful fritters are a perfect snack with a cup of masala chai!

Viral Recipes

Special mention to these recipes that you all enjoyed a lot and went viral on social media:

Indian Charcuterie Board

desi charcuterie board for Diwali or Ramadan with a variety of snacks and sweets

It is so easy to put together this desi charcuterie board – you can use store-bought snacks/sweets or make some at home. This is a wonderful platter with lots of finger food that is always a hit at any Indian party.

Mini Fruit Custard Trifle Cups

Custard trifle in three cups

The delectable layers of pound cake, fruit, custard, and cream are a wonderful blend of flavors and textures. These custard trifle cups are sure to be a party stunner!

Top 10 from previous years

I hope you liked checking out the favorite recipes of 2023 on Piping Pot Curry. Did you try any of them?

I’d love to know what recipes you want to see in 2024. Tell me in the comments below or message me on Facebook or Instagram with your ideas for recipes in the new year!

Thanks to all the readers and followers for a great 2023. I’m excited to share even more yummy recipes with you in 2024!

About Meeta

I strongly believe that each one of us has a chef inside us, we just need to explore the ingredients and create great food. My passion is to share easy, healthy, and wholesome recipes made using Instant Pot & Air Fryer, that are well tested, so you can cook with confidence.

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  1. Meta, I have tried several of your recipes and have enjoyed them very much. Mostly I like recipes that are time saving, using the Instant. I also like to see air fryer recipes because I don’t like deep frying things in a lot of oil.
    That s a lovely picture of your two girls. Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy New Year.